Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

We had one heck of a lovely weekend here. Sunny and highs in the 60's. Which while a little concerning was at least helpful in getting things done. I finally got most of the leaves gathered up and put into a new leaf bin. I still have a number of leaf piles to gather up and add to the bin. I also picked up a number of sticks from the yard and added them to a growing stick pile I hope to burn soon. I also got a bunch of room made in the garage by taking things to the pole barn.
Jess was a wizard on the home front as well. She made a nice ragu of Callister chicken with home grown carrots and herbs. She also added some of our home made tomato sauce and cooked it down until the meat fell off the bone. We also made a batch of home made pasta and served it over that. All that and managed to bake a loaf of no need bread as well.


Jo said...

Have you gotten your garlic planted yet? Not me. I'm so behind this fall.

Mr. H. said...

All that food sounds so good!

We have been working on our leaves as well and almost have that project finished. Boy, snow one week 60°the next, your weather out there is a strange as ours.

Kris said...

Baking bread has always intimidated me but the No Knead Bread recipe is wonderfully easy...just takes a little planning ahead. That ragu sounds mighty tasty!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Hey folks,

Jo, no the garlic is still regrettably unplanted.

Mr. H., Yup it has been a strange year with regards to weather here as well.

Kris, Hey great to see you again. We have really taken to the no knead bread around here. May have to attempt to broaden that horizon as well next year.