Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter is for baking

We had the chance to bake a loaf of no knead bread today. Wish we had time to bake a loaf everyday.


Mr. H. said...

Oh my, now that is a nice looking loaf of bread. I bet it was delicious.

Crystal said...

I love bread, but I'm horrible at making it myself. I should try the no-knead recipe, maybe I'll have some success.

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Mr. H.,

It was great. We had the last of it this evening with dinner.


I was always intimidated by baking but have found the no knead technique to be easy and rewarding. I recommend it highly.

Joyce Paski said...

I know that loaf didn't last long!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

You know Joyce,it sure didn't!