Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big projects with pictures.

Well the ducks are growing like mad. At only a week and a half old they appear to have doubled in size. They have been eating and drinking like crazy. It has been fun to watch them so far and they really appear to be thriving in their current housing but at the rate they are growing they will need a new house and soon!

I have gotten thier new home nearly finished. One of the crates I got from work a while back is in the process of being converted to duck housing. I still need to add the roofing and paint it but otherwise it is complete. The next three pictures are of the pen that some friends came down and helped build this weekend. My friend B & J came down on Saturday and helped set the posts and plan the enclosure. Then J came back and helped me hang the fence today. The only steps left are to add a gate and run electric wire around near the top and the bottom.

The idea to put the pen around the orchard was something I got from a permaculture video I saw. The idea is that the birds can root around and eat any insects that may be under the trees and fertilize the trees with their droppings. The trees will shade the ducks and provide them with any fallen fruit. So it is win-win.

Speaking of duck droppings. I added this litter to the garden expansion and tilled it all in this evening.


Mr. H. said...

Looking good Rick, the ducks should love their new home and you will have a very well fertilized orchard. I am looking forward to hearing about how that works out for you. Our chickens also have access to our little orchard and so far so good.

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Mr. H.- Thanks it was a bit of hard work but I am proud of the work we got done. I am also thinking that if the ducks don't work out this could be a summer run for the chickens as well.

BAMFskeetskeetskeet said...

those little duckies are so adorable. im a sucker for animals of any kind. i see your a frustrated farmer. if your ever having a bad day and need to vent, visit my page. i just started this blog thing cuz im sick of facebook drama. my page is basically for getting things that bother you off your chest. if always feels better when you get it out. you can give advice or post your own problems. one rule is no putting ppl down. trying to stay away from the fighting. check it out if you want. like i said i just started