Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shed dreams

So I have been following the videos of Deek Didrickson of for a while now. I love his take on reusing materials and his punk rock shed esthetic. I was also looking through the redesign of Treehugger yesterday and found this great garden house. I am thinking of trying to combine the two and see what I can get built this Winter. I am hoping to make the small guest cottage be the majority of the space with a weather tight tool storage area built into the back. I am thinking that with the proper planning I can build it in sections and move it out to the fielden this Spring and assemble it on site as soon as conditions permit. It would be great to have a small sunny space to sit out in the fielden as well as being able to keep tools and supplies closer to hand.
This evening for dinner we had Sunchokes that I cooked overnight with a rich rabbit stock in the crockpot. I have heard that a long slow cooking can reduce the "windyness" of the sunchokes. Will let you know tomorrow I guess. We also harvested a big bunch of kale and made kale chips for dinner as well.


Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

It would appear that an overnight simmer in stock was not enough to neutralize the windy effects of the sunchokes. Still it was mighty tasty.

Jo said...

A bit of wind is a small price to pay for all that flavor and nutrition and local goodness. Bravo!