Sunday, August 19, 2007

Becarful what you wish for.

Well Jess and I had a nice weekend in Milwaukee. We ate and tasted a number of wines beers and foods. We both agreed that we need to be eating more goat cheese. There is something about the tang and creaminess of goat cheese that is hard to beat. We particularly enjoyed the Milwaukee Ale house.
We got call on Sunday morning while we were on the way home wondering if we were doing OK. We then found out that southeastern Minnesota had been having a flood of biblical proportions. we got home and checked on the chickens and the dog. All was well. The garden was doing OK as well. The peas seem to be enjoying the cool wet weather. The tomatoes on the other hand look to have a bit of quite a bit of wilt. Nothing is perfect for everyone.

Well gotta go check the dehumidifier in the basement.


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