Saturday, August 4, 2007

Close call

Well I was working in the garage because it was raining. Not a hard rain and not even windy by the standards of this place when I heard a crack. I thought it was odd that lightning would have such a series of pops. I noticed that less light was coming in the window so I stepped out to look at the chicken coop and found this. We were very lucky today. The dog and I and the chickens were all within the radius of this branch and none of us is scratched. I think. There still may be a chicken under there but I doubt it. We will have to call someone out to drag the wood away and probably replace some or all of the fence but otherwise we got of cheap!
In other news Jess and I went to the St. Paul farmers market this morning and bought some herbs and veggies. I am going to try a variety of eggplants to see if we like them. We are also so glad to have gotten rain at last. I filled up both rain barrels and all the buckets I had available. You know you can never have too many 5 Gal. buckets.

Well gotta go sharpen my ax.


Rick said...

Well one chicken was later found bruised but alive cowering in the tree wreckage.

mom said...

Hi, Glad everyone is okay. That was one huge branch. I love to read about your adventures. Hugs, Mom

Rick said...

Yeah we are having a local guy out to remove it for us today. I will have to put the fences back up after that. Also the chicken is still doing well.