Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last night we sweetened and filtered this years Nocino. Nocino is a sweet walnut liquor. The walnuts are picked green and sliced. I used black walnuts that I was able to get from a buddy at work instead of common walnuts. The Italians usually make this with grappa but I used good quality vodka. The liquor is spiced with cinnimon, vanila and cloves with just a bit of lemon zest.
I gave this just a bit of a taste as I sweetened it and I am really looking forward to this after it has melowed for a few months.



Rick said...

James seemed less than impressed with the Nocino.

Howling Duck Ranch said...

How interesting. This year I'm making schnapps for the first time from black and red currants. I will make some of it in to cordial.