Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last year was the first year that I planted garlic. I had good success with it. I planted a few different varieties that I purchased from SSE. I originally planted them all in separate rows. However I decided that keeping them all separate during drying and then planting them seprately again was more work thatn it was worth. So instead I mearly planted those that did the best and I figure that over time my garlic will trend twords the species that does best here. So far it looks like mostly purple varieties. All in all I planted 90 cloves so I am hoping to have plenty of garlic next year. Will have to get a garlic roaster I guess.



Anonymous said...

HI and tell us what a garlic roaster is like. Have heard of cutting garlic heads in half and coating in olive oil and wrapping in foil to roast-is ther a gadget that makes it better?

Love your blog, Mom

Ben Zvan said...

Last time I roasted garlic, I cut it in half and tossed it on the grill. Worked fine.

The terra-cotta roster is designed to be moistened first to steam the garlic a bit while it's cooking.

Rick said...

Yeah it was kind of a cast off reference to having lots of garlic. I have done a little reading on the terra-cotta roasters and come to the conclusion that they are mostly just effective at increasing cooking time and that is about all.