Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preview to summer

Well I am finally getting over a nasty sinus infection that had been making me miserable for the last week or so. I owe much thanks to antibiotics and NyQuil. Amazing stuff!
We have been having great 70's and sunny weather the last few days and being stuck inside made being sick all the more miserable. But today I was able to get out into the garden and turn a few beds and check in on the perennials. The rhubarb is up and growing like well, rhubarb. The hops are all up and will be in need of trimming and trellising probably before the week is over. No sign of the asparagus yet but I am thinking early next week. The strawberries are going like gangbusters as well. The Garlic I planted last fall are all up as well. I was able to do a bit of planting today as well. I got my onion sets and the shallots I saved from last year planted. I also planted up some potatoes left over from last year in trash cans as well.
All this along with trimming up the herb bed made for a rather productive and not to tasking day.

Now I just hope the rain we have been promised shows up.

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