Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well just a quick word about some projects and plans for this year at the farmlet.

First I have divided up the chicken run to give some of ht egrass shoots a chance to get started this spring. I am planning on rotating the hens through the chicken yard as the year progresses.

Second I am attempting to increase the amount of area that I am growing on again. I have already put in a small 3X3 raised bed between the chicken run inner and outer fences. I am planning on using that bed to grow greens right next to the chickens for easy feed augmentation. I have also already turned one of the beds that I left fallow last year and am loving the look of the soil. I am also collecting newspaper and cardboard to cover more of the yard and create more raised beds.

Third I have decided that I will start vermicomposting this year. My composting setup should probably be expanded to more pins but I am hoping that vermicomposting will help by breaking down kitchen waste quicker. I will probably put the bin in the pole barn.

I know I will have a million other projects as well but those are a few that I have been looking at as of late.


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