Saturday, October 10, 2009


In a place like Minnesota snow is inevitable. But it still always fills me with a bit of sadness to see it happen. This year it has been made worse by the fact that it happened so soon. Usually at this time of year we can get by with covering the tomatoes against a light frost. But this year it seems we will be losing most of the non freeze hardy perennials today. Hopefully it will warm up a bit soon as now I will have plenty of space to put in my garlic.


m.scott said...

Don't know how you brave Northerners do it. We don't freeze down here for another month or so. If we're lucky not till late November. Then again we've had colder temperatures than usual as well. According to the Almanac this might be a really cold winter. Well, Good luck with your garlic!

Jessika said...

Holy Cow! Snow already, you can keep it.I'm not ready yet. I hope you get your garlic planted.

Cafe Cyan said...

Looks like you rain bucket froze too. Argh. Too cold for me. I'm never ready for it!

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Hey guys, Thanks for the well wishes. I know that from other parts of the country it can seem like an arctic tundra up here. But we get some great seasons and the winters are not as bad as they seem.
Oh who am I kidding?? Of course they are! But at least the cold tends to keep most major pest insects in check.

John Gray said...

hello from wales

do you know ( I suspect you do)that your farm HAS a welsh name..

it means white fort!!

john Trelawnyd (wales)

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Hey John,

The name was sort of made up from Welsh. My family name is Welsh in derivation and my wife was really into the LOTR when we were trying to come up with a name for our farm. I was under the impression that "Caer" also had an alternate meaning of "stone" and that "wyn" also had a meaning of true or pure. So since the nearest town is White Rock and this was my true home. I figured Caerwyn.

John Gray said...

no the true translation is white fort or white homestead!
which is pretty nice too, although Welsh can be pretty loose!
do you know where your family comes from?

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Well that is cool too. My last name is a bit welsh but other than that I am a Euromutt. I don't claim any particular ancestry. And white homestead is just fine by me.