Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden pictures

The end of the new garden is looking good.

Also the hollyhocks are blooming and the beets are looking good as well.

The potatoes are also in bloom and look to be healthy so far.

It looks like my gambit of winter pruning out one third of the autumn bearing raspberries is working to get me a small early summer crop.

The scarlet runner beans are about to begin their onslaught of our kitchen.

The asparagus was also loaded up with bees this afternoon. I always wonder if it makes their honey smell funny?


Mr. H. said...

Wow Rick, your garden looks amazing. Your squash plants are getting huge and I love how you mulched with straw in the paths. I hope you post a picture of your cucumbers when they climb that trellis...those are cucs right? I might have to copy that idea next year.

Jo said...

Your garden looks great, Rick. What things are you trying out this year for the first time? The scarlet runner beans I stole from you are growing wonderfully. They've already breached their 5' high trellis and are looking for something else to climb. I have to improvise something soon.

(Sorry to delete the last post, hit the return key prematurely)

Aimee said...

You have black hollyhock! Cool! I have a single pale yellow one and there is red one up the street. This is the first time I've grown one and I like it.
We got a good laugh out of the bees having smelly honey from the asparagus. =)

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Mr. H.- Thanks. The squash has really been looking good. We hope to train the pumpkins up along the sod wall. Yup those are cucs. Last time I grew them up a trellis like this they didn't do well but I think it was that it was a particularly hot dry summer that year.

Jo-Thanks. Glad the runner beans are doing well for you. We ate our first two this week already. I just nip them off once they reach the top of the trellis. I think it helps direct their energy.Also hope you can make fall festival, I am putting together a belated care package for you. Still want wild black raspberry bushes?

Aimee- Hollyhocks put out tons of seed. I will try and save you some seed this fall.

Kris said...

I'm so impressed every time I read your blog and all the growing (plants and animals both) you are doing. Even if I had the time and space I'm not sure I'd have the motivation you do. Great job!

Joyce Paski said...

Hey! The garden is looking GREAT!

Thistledog said...

Ditto; your garden is a feast for the eyes. I have potato envy...