Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire season in california again.

Well I suppose you have heard about the fires in the San Diego area by now. We used to have a joke when I lived there that southern California had 4 seasons, Fires, Mudslides, Earthquakes and Riot season. I feel for the folks that have suffered losses in this years fire season. I hope that when they rebuild they will keep sustainability in mind. This is the desert people! Hot dry winds are common, so common that they have a name, Santa Anna. One of the dominant plants in the area near the desert is the Creosote bush. It burns hot and fast when dry (see previous point!). Since this is the desert there is little water available for putting out fires once they get going. So if you are determined to build a house in the mountains please don't make it out wood and cover it with an asphalt roof. Please consider something made out of local stone and consider a steel roof or clay tile. Or better yet live in a place and in a manner that you can sustain.
And the dismount from the soap box is good!!

PS 9 eggs today


nalfia said...

how did these fires get started anyway? It seems that California is always on fire. Is it carelessness by residents that start these fires?

Rick said...

Hey nalfia,
Sorry I took so long to answer this but I took a while to get over the shock that someone was reading this. I think the fires may start from a number of sources but I believe they are made worse when people don't plan for them.

Anonymous said...

Nice comments. I agree and your ending was creative at the very least. You are a natural born writer. Mom