Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lots more done today

Well I started this weekend by burning some brush last night out by the pole barn. I was looking for a nice place to sit down and found the hay/straw/weed pile. It was nice and warm so the dog joined me as well. I woke up an hour later, covered the fire and wandered inside. Kinda cool.
Today I finished cutting the grass. and aired out the coop. I cut some more veggies and gave them to the chickens. I spread some newspaper out in the garden and weighed it down with a few wheel barrows of chicken bedding compost. I am hoping the combination will leave the bed ready to be turned and planted early next spring.
For lunch today Jess and I made vermicelli carbonara. We used both procuto and bacon. It was great we used 6 eggs and had a great lunch


Anonymous said...

Love your updates. Carbonara sounds so good! Cool nap on the farm with your dog. Sounds so peaceful. Love ya, Mom

Rick said...

Yeah a good time was had by all