Sunday, November 4, 2007

Swiss Chard is Awsome

Well I got out to the garden this afternoon. I have been hearing words like polar vortex and below freezing in the weather forecast this weekend. I decided it was time to take in the last few plants. The swiss chard was still standing tall. I am amazed at how hardy this plant is. I have been harvesting the same patch since early summer. I decided that the best place to store the chard leaves was in the chickens. I also fed them some of the pea plants as well. I noticed that the roots of the chard were pretty good size. I decided that since they are members of the beet family that we would roast the roots. Jess helped me to clean them and roasted them with olive oil and garlic. The larger roots were too woody and fibrous but overall they made a nice dinner side dish. I also spent some time gathering the grass clipping into mounds which I just heard will blow away tomorrow. I also insulated the dog house for cooper.
On the wine and beer front I racked this summers dandelion wine and also last springs honey nut brown ale. The dandelion wine has mellowed a lot since I was told it tasted like vodka last time I racked it. The nut brown ale had been in primary since spring! I sampled it and it wasn't too bad either. RDWHAHB I guess.
Well stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Okay, what do the letters at the end mean???

Rick said...

click them and see.