Friday, November 16, 2007


Well I spent a few hours today insulating the chicken coop. I moved the roosts as well. The chickens are still laying eggs like crazy. I guess if you were one of those people that I told they needed tons of daylight, I was wrong. I gave the last of the garden lettuces and kales to the chickens this morning as well. I think I will need to grow more kale next year. The ornamental kales might make a good fall feed stock for the chickens. I really hope to free range the chickens next year. In addition I plan to grow more crops that can be fed to the chicks when we have surpluses. I was thinking over dinner tonight of growing soybeans again next year. I could eat the green beans as edamame and feed the late season beans to the chicks.
In other news we have spent a few days this week tightening up the house. We still have a long way to go to have the house properly insulated.
Well goodnight.

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