Monday, November 26, 2007


Well got a few more things ready for winter this weekend. I tightened the coop up some more. I still need to finish insulating it but at least it keeps the wind out a little better. I also gathered up the last of the grass clippings from the yard. I put half in my straw/grass pile in the pole barn and the other half I put in the garden. I am attempting to start a new bed using the lasagna gardening technique. I will let you know how it is going in the spring. I also cleaned up the pole barn and the garden.
I have also been working on tightening the house up some more as well. I foil taped a few duct joints I had missed last year in the basement. I still have a bit of duct that needs to be insulated. I need to find ways to insulate and heat the house more cheaply this winter. I have been thinking about using the windows I have in the garage as a lean too greenhouse on the south west side of the house. It might make a nice buffer against the cold this winter and possibly work like a cold frame in the spring. I need to work out the design and get supplies.


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