Monday, January 7, 2008

Dinner and The Good Life

Hey all,
Well Jess and I have been spending a lot of time in lately. We have been watching a lot of DVD's. Jess got me the complete series of Good Neighbors. I believe it was known as the good life in the UK. I think I got started on the whole self sufficiency thing from that show. I was most impressed by the relationship of the main characters especially Tom and Barbara. I think a number of the current crop of self sufficiency devotes got there initial interest from that show. The Selfsufficientish forums even use the main characters to denote number of posts.
In other news we made dinner the other night of egg bake with garlic sauteed kale. I have to tell you after working in the chow hall in boot camp in the Navy I thought I hated kale. I never had to eat it there, just use it to cover everything. Rotten smelling slimy kale. Well it turns out that like a lot of things kale is better in the real world. I decided to buy some and see if I could handle it. It turns out that not only can I handle it, I loved it. The things you learn I guess. I am planning on planting some this spring.

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Stonehead said...

We like kale a lot. The most important thing is to only eat the young tender leaves. Let them grow big and old, and you'll regret it.

A particular favourite is cabbage brose. I wrote the recipe out and put it on my blog for another blogger. It uses both cabbage and brose, along with oatmeal to make a soupy porridge.

Enjoy your kale.