Sunday, January 20, 2008

Carb lovers weekend

Well with the low low temps this weekend we have been staying in and doing some cooking. Yesterday we made some pasta. It was my first attempt at making pasta and I think it turned out quite well. We finished it with a sauce made of canned tomato sauce and herbs and onions from the pantry. We used some of the oregano that I had dried last year. I love when we make a meal out of mostly home produced stock. We used the pasta recipie from Lidia Bastianich's cookbook. It was great because a single batch used up a bunch of egg yolks. I will have to try and dry some pasta at some point. I am just a little concerned about leaving egg product out that long after they have been mixed with something. It is probably nothing to worry about considering we are using eggs from the hen house, but I still needed to take this step first.
We also made 2 loaves of bread. The first was my first modification of the No-Kneed bread recipe. I added a hand full of fresh rosemary and some chopped up dried tomato from our garden last year. It turned out good but I think I will be adding even more tomato and rosemary next time. The other loaf was just the standard recipe.

Stay warm folks


Ben Z said...

What did you think about that Kitchen Aid pasta extruder? I found mine to be a bit frustrating.

Rick said...

I had read some reviews and was ready for it. From the reviews I understand that it requires to be fed slowly. I also didn't use the vermicelli plate. Otherwise it made just about the exact amount of pasta for a meal.