Friday, March 20, 2009


Well it is officially spring today. I took a few pictures to mark how the garden is doing on Wednesday. I take much the same pictures every year. The first picture is of the rhubarb shoots just coming out of the ground. I am always surprised to see that they have survived. It fills me with excitement at the possibilities of spring to see those shoots coming up every year. So much delicious potential. The other picture is just a overall shot of the garden. I like to take this picture so I can look back at how it all stated in midsummer.


Rick said...

Looks like blogger decided to swap the order of the pics but you get the idea.

Jo said...

Your garden looks a lot better than mine! I neglected to clean it up last fall. I'll have to check my rhubarb to see if they are appearing like yours.

Rick said...

My garden still needs tons of work but I have started to get the upper hand a bit on it. So of course this year I am thinking of expanding.