Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well Spring creeps on.

We had pretty good weather here this weekend. I managed to get out and clean up the chicken yard. One of the hens kept hoping out of the coop so I had to remove the old broody coop from the run. Which may have been a poor choice as I think one of the hens has gone broody.
I also got into the garden a bit more and cut down the last of the asparagus ferns from last year. It looks like the oregano and thyme survived the winter OK. I am still not sure about the lavender it looks a bit peaked and the sage looks rough as well. I may have to replace them.
I also picked the heads of many of my marigolds and now have an old Gatorade bottle half full of the seeds. I started a few up in the pots I bleached Saturday night.
I also watched a movie on Permaculture in Australia on Saturday night and it has gotten me thinking about how I use my land. I think I need to learn to think more strategicaly about combining areas of land use and also in how I organize the crops.
I also got the old lawn tractor started today. I replaced the battery and fresh gas and lo and behold she started. Which is excelent as I have heard rumors of a snowstorm coming some time tomorrow.

Gotta love Minnnesota.

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