Saturday, May 2, 2009


Yesterday was a great day. I started with omelets with Jess and a freind of ours. Then J and I went foraging in the woods. Our main quarry was the elusive morel mushroom which we did not find. However we did come back with a few servings of fiddle head ferns and enough nettles to make a batch of River Cottage nettle beer. Made that around dinner time.
Latter in the day Jess and I stopped by the nursery and purchased two Highbush Cranberry bushes and two American Hazelnuts. We also asked the folks at the nursery to order us 4 currant bushes and look into what was available in the way of some Elderberry bushes as well.

Looks like planting is in our future.


Anonymous said...

you should order som currants and also mulberry

Rick said...

I really would like to get some Mulberry. You don't see them often. I do know where some are growing but have heard they are difficult to propagate.