Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nocino step one.

Well today after work we went down to the Callister Farm in West Concord Minnesota to pick black walnuts for nocino. We met Al Callister this spring at a dinner put on by Slow Food Minnesota and got to talking about walnuts. He mentioned that he had too many and that they were a bit of a nuisance to him. We offered to help him by taking some off his hands for the making of nocino. We made arangements to meet him and his wife at their farm this evening. They were kind enough to give us a tour of their poultry growing and processing operations. After that it was time to pick the unripe walnuts. The apple pickers we purchased earlier this week worked great. First Al helped us to spot them and then Jess and I did our best to get them down. I think we picked for around an hour and we now have more than enough for the next step.

Here is last years nocino post.


Kris said...

Great to meet you guys at SGT last night! And just a quick look at your blog, I'm very impressed. I'll have to spend some time reading about all you grow and make. Hope to see you at future SGT and/or beer events.

Cafe Cyan said...

I am completely intrigued...should I try this at home?

Rick said...

Cafe Cyan, I highly recommend it if you have access to walnuts right now. I will probably post today about the next few steps.

Good Night