Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apricot Chutney

We have had our first real harvest from our Apricot trees this year. We decided to pick them all off of one of our trees earlier this week as a windstorm was forecast and the fruit was already starting to drop off the tree at the slightest provocation. We kept them in the refrigerator for the week and they have held up well. We needed the time because we wanted to preserve them but were already sitting pretty from last years jelly and jam. So we poled a few experts and they suggested chutney.

We have seen chutney made on a few cooking shows and have loved the store bought chutneys we have had a few times. This was still our first batch and I was a little nervous about getting it right. As we planned on canning the batch it was important to get the acid right. From my internet perusing it looked like around two cups of acid to about 2-3 lbs of fruit was the right ratio for preservation.

The fruit was made up of six cups of chopped apricots and four red onions from the garden along with a cup of golden raisins and some grated ginger . We used cider vinegar and a bit of orange juice for the acid. The recipe also called for one pound of brown sugar and four tablespoons of salt. I trimmed the salt and sugar just a bit. As for spices we added hot pepper, black pepper, mustard seed, cardamom and cumin to a spice bag and cooked up the lot. From there we cooked the chutney down to a good consistency and canned it. I won't say much about the canning part as I am still learning to get it right. So far so good, but I would rather you looked up the proper method in a reliable source like the Bell "blue book".

There was more than this but I took the picture while the first batch was cooling on another towel.

I tasted a bit of the chutney and it turned out great. Hot and spicy but with the sweet tang of the acid and sugar. I can't wait to try some after it has had a chance to come together a bit as chutneys are supposed to get better with age.


karl said...

wow, that looks great

Mr. H. said...

This looks like an excellent recipe. I saved this article and hope to have the opportunity to try it this fall when our apricots are ripe. Thank you.:)

Kris said...

Sounds great! And I'm impressed about the's something that still intimidates me.

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Karl- Thanks.

Mr. H.-I will have to report back on how it comes together with age. I hope your harvest turns out well. I would consider this more of an outline than a recipe. but I am glad it is something you feel you can use.

Kris- Thanks. I am still a bit intimidated by canning as well.

Robj98168 said...

Looks good. If you are worried about the canning part, just freeze the chutney!

Sharyn said...


Ohiofarmgirl said...

ah-HA! chutney....had not thought of that. I'm rolling in peaches just now and I'm going to look for a peach chutney recipe... thanks!

ps i'm a canning fraidy-cat too! i guess we are all in this together?

salt said...

Oh my goodness!! Apricot chutney...sounds great!