Monday, July 2, 2007

Last weeks recap.

Well things have gone pretty well here at the farm. The chickens are staying in their new enclosure. They seem to be the stars of this page so I am including another picture. Jess and I went to the town fair last weekend and had a look at the local chickens. For some reason black Araucanas seem to be popular in Cannon Falls right now. We also had a look through the FFA and 4H exhibits. I only saw 2 wines that were entered and no beers. I may have to enter something next year if I can figure out how.
Otherwise the hops and straw making are going well. I seem to be having a problem with my Rhubarb this year, but have hope. The raspberries transplants are still doing well. The garden has kind of run away on me though. Oh well.

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