Sunday, July 8, 2007

Time spent VS cash saved

I purchased a new string trimmer today. I bought a nice 4 cycle unit. I used the unit to trim back the overgrown mess that was the garden. It worked like a charm. I was hoping to use it for cutting straw for use as chicken bedding this winter, but it tends to chop the grass up to much. I guess I will have to consider forging myself a scythe blade this fall.
It got me thinking though about the amazing amount of labor that is required here on the farmlet. I have begun to realize that the biggest limit on this endeavor is both my ability and the amount of hours I can dedicate to it. To that end I am looking at the way I spend my time here. I hope to be able to identify areas that may be worth an investment in better equipment.
On another note we finally got some rain today. Only about 2 tenths of an inch, but every bit helps right now.

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