Wednesday, July 18, 2007

To Rain or Not to Rain.

Well today a great deal of rain moved through the southern half of the state and still managed to miss the farm. I am listening to the channel nine news weather guy right now and he says we are S.O.L. for any rain in the foreseeable future. I really don't like that guy at the best of times, right now I think he is in dire need of an ass whoopin'. In all honestly though he is the worst weather guy in town. In a town with Pat Evans that is really saying something.
OK I feel better now.
As for the farm, things are dry but good. The hops were under attack from Question Mark caterpillars but they have been removed. I lost a lot of leaves on the cascades, but the Fuggles escaped most injury. The Fuggles are really growing fast and are developing cones already.
The chickens are growing quickly as well.
Prayers for rain,

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