Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hop trellis and more

Today we had the first 70 degree day in over 6 months. We made good use of the day too. I got the hop trellis up with Jess's help. I also transplanted some day lilies from the day lily bed into the ditch by the gutters. I have seen this done at other farms. The day lilies out compete the grass and you don't have to mow that area then. Just cut as close as you like to keep the lilies chopped back. I also planted the shallots, the runner beans, some beets and some white icicle radishes. I also managed a small update of the blog to match the season.


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Anonymous said...

Nice job in getting the farm started.
The whole day on HGTV is devoted to earth day and living green-which you are taking above and beyond the norm. Congratulations! Judy