Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well I think I have solved the problem with the network connection for now. So much is starting it is hard to cover it all. I have started working the beds in the garden. Mostly just turning and amending them to get them ready. I will need to get moving as spring appears to finally be on course.
I did get the chance to sneak away last weekend and do some trout fishing over in Northfield and by Sogn. My friend and I didn't catch anything but a bad day fishing still makes for a good day. We also stopped into a little place in Northfield called the Contented Cow. I like their beer selection and atmosphere. They have room to improve on their food. But over all a great time was had.
I have continued my interest in finding solutions to remove some of our fuel dependency. I hope to find a way to cut our BTU usage in the next year by about half. I am also amazing for a 20% reduction in outside energy used as well. One area I am looking into is a repair to the lean too section of the house while integrating some passive solar technology and also beefing up our insulation.
I know this seems like an awful lot to take on while attempting to grow and store our own food for at least a month. I am still planning to meet that goal as well.
When I get a chance I will be reading up on my fly fishing and energy technologies as well.

Stay busy, I know I will.

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