Sunday, April 6, 2008

Power Tools Rule !

Hey all,
It was a great weekend. I got so much done. I cleaned out the coop. Jess and I bib a bit of shopping. I baked my first batch of shortbread. We had a breakfast today of prosciutto wrapped chevre. I removed an annoying detail over the sink in the kitchen. I cleaned out the garage. But most importantly I purchased a small tiller attachment for my weed whip. I got the chance to use it a bit to prep some of the beds in the garden and I am already very impressed. It is heavy and uses gas, so not totally green but man did it allow me to turn the beds well. I already look forward to turning the beds again with it. I have never had a tiller so I don't have a good frame of reference but I am impressed. I hope to possibly plant peas this week.
In other news the seedlings seem to be coming along nicely


Stonehead said...

We have a large two-wheel tractor with a rotary hoe and it too makes a big difference to to the amount of ground you can turn over in a limited amount of time.

We initially used it to get our vegetable beds up and running—they were made of reclaimed soil and muck heaps dumped on a sand arena for horse.

Now, we only use it a couple of times a year to go through fields after the pigs have been in or after a neighbour has plough them for us.

I'm wary of overusing the rotary hoe as it can damage good soil structure (ours was not in good shape) and create hard pans, but tillers and rotary hoes are a boon when you have a large area to get in shape in a limited time.

Rick said...

Yeah I had heard the concern about the compacted layer that tillers can cause and it has at least been one of the reasons I stayed away from them until now, the other reason being lack of funds. I unfortunately don't have pigs yet so will have to settle for using the chicken tractor parked too long in one spot to open new ground.
We have rich if a bit heavy soil here so keeping it from compacting is always a concern.
Thanks for the comments.