Tuesday, August 4, 2009


One of the challenges of moving to an old farmstead is the inevitable old farm house. Ours had som issues that had been concerning us for a number of years. Among them was the ancient siding and the lack of sheathing behind it. Well after years of paying massively every winter to keep the place above freezing we finally have the opportunity to do something about it. So a while back Jess and I set out to find a siding contractor to remove the old siding and then insulate before putting up sheathing and siding. We had heard good things about Twin Cities Siding Professionals. Well today was day one and I am impressed so far. The team showed up on time and set to the days work. They stayed in contact with us if they had any questions the asked us what we wanted to do and listened to our wishes. They removed the siding and the cellulose and deteriorated foam insulation underneath. There were also some repairs made to areas of the house that had some rotted wood as well.We had made agreements to have the house insulated with spray foam insulation and that was also finished today. We should definitely have a much warmer and more efficient house this winter.
If it all goes this well from here on out we will be quite happy.


Annie said...

What a cool farmhouse Rick! I love the detailing on your porch roof....am sure you'll both enjoy being much more toasty this winter with the insulation and siding work done....

Do you know what year your house was built?


Rick said...

Hey Annie,

Thanks. The farmhouse was built in the 1870's we think. It is on the national registry of historic places.It has tons of charm and was one of the reasons we bought the place. We love the porch and also the windows.

We can already tell that it is quieter and can't wait to see how much less propane and electric we use this winter.