Sunday, August 30, 2009

A food weekend in pictures.

We made and processed a bunch of food this weekend.

Friday evening we started by mixing up a couple of batches of no knead bread. One was destined for for pizza dough and the other was to be baked for bread.

Saturday was a bit busier.
First my lovely bride made a batch of scones.

We then processed a batch of tomatoes into tomato sauce.

We also worked on canning some cucumber relish.

We also made a gallon of quick vegetable stock. I didn't get a picture of the stock vegetables simmering but here is the extra stock ready for the freezer.

We decided to make a recipe for corn soup that I can't find the source for now. It is basically a fresh corn minestrone.

First we cut some corn from the cobs

Then we then put the cobs into the vegetable stock to simmer.

After the vegetables were added to the stock it really started to look good.

We had the soup with a bit of the no knead bread.

We also made pizzas with our fresh vegetables and our home made tomato sauce. I didn't get
a good picture of those either but they turned out fairly well.

Jess started another batch of heirloom tomato sauce Sunday afternoon.

Soon we will have to make sauce from our abundance of plums.

All this and we cleaned house and the garage and the pole barn a bit. Can you tell that the internet was out for us almost all weekend?



Mr. H. said...

Your food looks delicious! I'm glad you posted the soup pictures, our corn is just coming on and I was trying think up a way to enjoy it besides corn on the cob. Most of it will be used for corn meal and seeds for next season as we did not grow all that much this year.

Anyway, I was wondering if you remember what kind of plum tree that is? It seems to be doing so well. We are thinking of adding a couple more trees this fall when they go on sale.

Rick said...

It was a delicious weekend. That soup turned out great. I would definitely recommend it if I could remember where I found the recipe.

That is an Alderman plum. It has a Superior planted next to it as a pollinator. We didn't get much off the Superior this year. But so far I highly recommend plums in general and the Alderman specifically.