Friday, August 14, 2009


Well we are finally starting to get our tomatoes. It seems like they are starting a bit late this year. We had a cool first half to summer this year. No days in the 90"s since May up till this month. For Minnesota that is quite cool. But now that we have moved into August the temps and humidity have come up to our usual summer standards. We also started the the growing season this year as quite dry and now we have had rain almost every other day. This has resulted in a few split toms and a bit of mildew on the squash. Nothing fatal yet but I am ready for it to dry out a bit.
I am hoping to make a lot of tomato sauce this year. I hope to make a bit of heirloom tomato sauces a la Hank at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.

In other news the insulation and siding on the house is nearly finished and should really help cut down our energy bills this year.



Mr. H. said...

Much of my family is originally from Duluth, but I have only visited Minnesota once before as a small child. I'm curious as to what gardening zone you live in?

We just had a week of nothing but rain and I am hoping it will warm up again so our tomatoes will finish ripening.

Anyway,if you are interested in growing scorzonera and salsify I would be happy to send you some seed...I have lots of extra 09 seed. Send me an email (mines in my profile) if you like, or big deal.

By the way, I made the dilly beans and ordered a copy of the ball canning's a start.:)

Rick said...

Mr H. You have mail.

We are in Zone 4 here for most of the state. Down here i9n the south part of Minnesota we are close to getting away with zone 5 plants but every so often you have to count on losing them.

Good luck with the canning.

Jo said...

I have been getting only one or two tomatoes every other day. About a hundred green ones still hanging. I hope they ripen quickly because I am already seeing signs of the potato blight on their leaves.

Like you, we are in zone 4, but most folks around here say it should be a high zone 3.