Friday, September 4, 2009

A glut of plums.

We decided today that it was time to gather in our harvest of plums. We had quite a few of them. There were a few that were damaged by insects so we gave those to the chickens.

My wife did most of the heavy lifting in making this sauce. I was more of an adviser. First she cut the plums in half and put them in a saucepan with just a pit of sugar.

After a bit of stewing and breaking them up with a wooden spoon it looked like the following.

That was looking pretty good but once you have made tomato sauce using a food mill you start to look for other things to put into it as well.

The finnal sauce ended up glossy and smooth. We left it mostly unsweetened for use in sauces and possibly sorbet. I am thinking of making a batch of barbecue sauce with some of it.

After all that we still had all these plums left over for fresh eating and cooking with.


Jo said...

Yumm... What variety of plums were these? And how old are the trees?

Rick said...

Hey Jo, It is an Alderman plum, about 5 years old.

Mr. H. said...

Very nice plums! We have a couple Italians and Green Gage plum trees that will not be putting out super well this year. I will definitly keep that Alderman in mind if we go tree shopping this fall.

Jo said...

You got all those lovely plums from one tree? I'm with Mr. H -- gotta get me an Alderman plum.

Darrik said...

Sweet! Those are nice looking plums. We just planted an Alderman and a Toka this year. How do you care for the trees/fruit during the growing season?