Saturday, January 17, 2009

Growing power

Earlier this fall while out with a friend that I never thought would be interested in things of an organic and small farmy nature. He brought up the subject of Growing Power in Milwaukee. I became aware of the place by following Youtube links on auquaculture. I realy like the idea of aquaculture and the bootstrap nature of the place really impresed me. I guess I should give you the links now so you can get to know the system they have developed there.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

snow place like home.

Well no changes here at the farm this week. It is still cold and we seem to have snow every other day or so. Not much to blog about I am afraid. I have been slowly chopping up and removing solidified snow drift from part of the driveway. It appears that the wonderful fence around the chicken yard makes a great snow fence which causes the drift formation. Alas one solution to one problem causes another problem elsewhere. I think I may experiment with more snow fences during the remainder of this winter to help me figure out the best place for hedges as well.
Until then it makes for a great new years exercise program. Gotta stay in shape in the off season you know.