Monday, June 8, 2015

Peas and pork.

We are getting off to an amazing start this Spring. We finally have to geese sitting on ests and hope to see goslings soon. Our pigs continue to grow at an amazing rate. We are making arrangements to purchase a woodstove and cut down some of our older trees for firewood. Things are going really well for us but the garden has been the real showstopper this Spring.
 We have head enough moisture as well as enough heat and sun to really get the plants off to a running start. We planted a bunch of potatoes back in april and they seem just about ready to flower already. We have had to hill them twice. The great asparagus glut has come and just about gone.The newest thing to come online has been strawberries. There really is nothing like a strawberry straight from the garden and still a little warm from the summer sun.
   After that it looks like peas will be coming in and we can't wait. Peas are favorite for us. I grew up in a time of tight budgets and limited access to fresh produce. When I was younger I liked peas but I had only had canned or boiled peas. The sort of peas that were ready for war in Vietnam, olive drab and reliable if not exactly enthralling. It wasn't until I had frozen peas that I really fell in love with them. They were so sweet and had a bit of pop when you chewed them. They also had a flavor that spoke of Spring time and lush and growing plants. Then I had garden fresh peas and it happened again. I fell deeper in love with the humble pea. What frozen peas had garden fresh peas had even more of. Jess and I usually "compete" for the first few spoonfuls of peas and I look forward to it every year.