Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well tonight I got a few more seeds put in the garden. I started 2 rows of Detroit golden beets. I also started 2 rows of parsnips and a row of spinach. I also set up my scarlet runner beans as well.
I also set up a new bed for planting either late this fall or early next spring.

First I soak a layer of newspaper and lay it out in the location of the new bed. Then I add a layer of last years composted chicken litter. I then add a layer of organic matter. In this case I added last years day lily leaves.

Seems to work out pretty well for me.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preview to summer

Well I am finally getting over a nasty sinus infection that had been making me miserable for the last week or so. I owe much thanks to antibiotics and NyQuil. Amazing stuff!
We have been having great 70's and sunny weather the last few days and being stuck inside made being sick all the more miserable. But today I was able to get out into the garden and turn a few beds and check in on the perennials. The rhubarb is up and growing like well, rhubarb. The hops are all up and will be in need of trimming and trellising probably before the week is over. No sign of the asparagus yet but I am thinking early next week. The strawberries are going like gangbusters as well. The Garlic I planted last fall are all up as well. I was able to do a bit of planting today as well. I got my onion sets and the shallots I saved from last year planted. I also planted up some potatoes left over from last year in trash cans as well.
All this along with trimming up the herb bed made for a rather productive and not to tasking day.

Now I just hope the rain we have been promised shows up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Current happenings

Well spring continues to creep in. The temps got up to near 65 F today. The ground has begun to warm and the grass has started to really green up. I hear we should see some rain by the end of this week and then things should really start to take off. I am really looking forward to starting to forage for new nettles and also the spring mushroom season shouldn't be far off. I may have to spend some time in the woods this weekend and see how things are coming along.

Also it looks like my parsley seeds have gotten up to a quick start as well.

All is good.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well just a quick word about some projects and plans for this year at the farmlet.

First I have divided up the chicken run to give some of ht egrass shoots a chance to get started this spring. I am planning on rotating the hens through the chicken yard as the year progresses.

Second I am attempting to increase the amount of area that I am growing on again. I have already put in a small 3X3 raised bed between the chicken run inner and outer fences. I am planning on using that bed to grow greens right next to the chickens for easy feed augmentation. I have also already turned one of the beds that I left fallow last year and am loving the look of the soil. I am also collecting newspaper and cardboard to cover more of the yard and create more raised beds.

Third I have decided that I will start vermicomposting this year. My composting setup should probably be expanded to more pins but I am hoping that vermicomposting will help by breaking down kitchen waste quicker. I will probably put the bin in the pole barn.

I know I will have a million other projects as well but those are a few that I have been looking at as of late.