Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chicken salad

Here is one little tip I have found. When I go out to the garden I bring an extra bucket. I fill the bucket with produce for the chickens. Any produce that is damaged and must be eaten soon I put in the bucket. Any dandelions I pull also go in the bucket. I then round out the bucket with a few fresh stalks of Swiss Chard and the occasional Zucchini. I also will add slugs and grasshoppers when I catch them. I bring the bucket up to the chicken yard after I finish in the garden. I find that the chickens really enjoy the treats and I know that no food is being wasted. For my trouble I get great chicken litter for use in compost and eggs as well.



Anonymous said...

Hey...good to know I'm not the only one to hand pick slugs for the worms! I thought I was the only one and therefore am sometimes self conscious about it...uh-oh, public knowledge now eh.

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

I pick them for both the chickens and the rhubarb. I like that the chickens great a source of free protein and that I get more rhubarb as well.