Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey all,

Sorry I have not written in a while. So much has been going on here at the farm.
The hops have gotten off to a tremendous start. They are already halfway up the pole barn. I have had to be quite aggressive with the pruning back the bines. The plants seem to show the same growth pattern as last year, with the Fuggles leading the way. I have to add more mulch to the bed and consider trimming back the maple more aggressively to increase the amount of sunlight they receive. I can see why these would make a great landscape plant. I have been on watch for the dreaded question mark caterpillars but have not seen any signs of their presence. Good thing considering the damage they caused last year. I also mulched the hop yard today.

In the orchard we seem to have few apple blossoms this year. I can't say if it is due to the cold weather we are having this spring or some other cause. I know that the soil in that part of the yard is quite terrible and there was the hail storm last spring as well. So I think a few more years of patience is in order. The raspberries are sending up shoots everywhere . I mulched them as well tonight.

In the garden we have been harvesting a bunch of asparagus every day. We have also had a third small picking of rhubarb, some of which is currently in the oven becoming a pie. I also mounded up the potatoes which are doing quite well. I planted the tomatoes and peppers last Friday and they have not died while waiting for the heat of summer to arrive.So all is well.

In the barnyard the chickens are well. Now I am just waiting on some rain to come and refresh the grass in ChickenGrad.




Stephanie Zvan said...

Stop apologizing for not posting, please. You post more than I do (except this month) and I'm supposed to be a writer. What do you want to say, "Yup. I think the peas are a half inch taller today"? :)

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Hey Steph, I guess I just have a hard time getting started when writing posts. At least I didn't start the post with "Well....".

Stephanie Zvan said...

My favorite is "So."