Saturday, May 31, 2008

Interesting wind turbine idea

I came a crossed this video last night.

The basic idea is that you use an array of inexpensive turbines that are linked by gearing to drive a single generator. It looks like something that is in the testing and refinement stage now, but I am really impressed with the idea. I would guess that the efficiency is not that high but since you could always just install more turbine units to increase your total area that is less of an issue. That is of course if you have the area. It also looks like they are a bit noisy. I think that is probably an alignment issue. I suggest to them they look at a dual opposing herringbone gear arrangement.It should take care of some of the rattling and much of the axial thrust. It is the the same gearing arrangement used in naval steam turbine ship reduction gears. Which is where I learned of it. If you are from MotorWind and want to use this design, please do so. If it works out I would love to help test the new design. Also you may want to consider removing the music from your homepage.



Manu Sharma said...


The noise is basically the plastic gears and it can be reduced dramatically by use of noise reduction rubber rings that we provide to those for whom its an issue. Otherwise, as you can see in the video the turbines are quite stable.

Efficiency is comparable with traditional large wind turbines.

Music on homepage....I know, but that's something under the Hong Kong office.

Manu Sharma
Motorwind Power Pvt. Ltd

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Yeah I figured it was a minor issue anyway but I was really quite impressed with the solution and wanted to offer something to help ensure it's success.